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我們的經營目標是要 讓全球醫療照護相關產業的經營者可以專注於市場銷售經營與客戶服務; 讓醫療照護產品需求者的家屬,能夠安心的將對”照護”的擔心交給我們所提供的相關產品與專業主動服務,只需對被照護者付出陪伴與關心即可。在被照護者心理所舒適且具安全感的環境,接受真正所需要的照護資源,猶如中國文化禮記大同篇中的”老有所終”、” 鰥寡孤獨廢疾者皆有所養”之精義,使得被照護者不再只是被提供生命維持所需,而能透過恆順升國際有限公司的用心與專業,為其所應具有的生活品質與尊嚴而努力。

HSSG International CO., LTD. from its inception the company is located in Taiwan's professional-quality health care industry is based. It incorporates the use of more competitive worldwide market supply capacity and establish the professional production manufacture base of HSSG International CO., LTD.. It continued concentrate on research, development and business management of the Remote medical/health care total solutions. Our cooperation team with more than 10 years of related medical/healthcare market management, product development, production and sales experience.

The supply of products of HSSG International CO., LTD. has provided the international ISO13485, ISO9001, ISO14000, CE certification or FDA certification, etc.
It is to be our principle according to our professional competence of Long-term Medical care and empathy.HSSG International CO., LTD. continued to focus to develop all kinds of professional and high-quality medical care measuring equipment, products and consumables for the base, and combine HSSG International CO., LTD. specializes in the ability of our patent certification of Remote Medical/Health care solutions to integrate.

HSSG International CO., LTD. hoped to provide a one-stop and full range of integrated medical/health care solutions to the required people of world's long-term health care.
According to the necessary of the long-term care field of HSSG International CO., LTD., we establish all kinds of medical measuring equipment, medical/health care products, accessories, consumables and supplies and a complete global manufacturing supply chain.
It is not only able to applied to the advantages of market manufacturers provide each single item of medical/health equipment, but also can apply to national patent certificate of HSSG International CO., LTD. that has the specialized Remote Medical Care Technology ability provides our unique professional total solutions to customize for any kind of Medical/Healthcare solutions to the global different demanders of Remote Medical/Health care requirement. Such as individual, family, community, nursing/healthcare institution, hospitals, and government departments, etc.

The business vision of HSSG International CO., LTD. is to let the global health care industry operatoSrs can focus on their marketing and customer service business; at the same time, let those who need Medical/Health care product families will be able to feel comfortable and at ease to accept any kind of related products or expert business service from HSSG International CO., LTD.. Let any end client just only pay his/her concern and accompany family in future without any doubt or worry.
Being like The Great Harmony of ancient Chinese philosophy said: “Therefore people do not regard only their own parents as parents, nor do they treat only their own children as children. Privision is made for the aged till their death, the adults are given employment, and the young enabled to grow up. Widows and widowers, orphans, the old and childless as well as the sick and disabled are all well taken care of.” Let all people who are taken care of by caregivers only no longer get their necessary of life support, because HSSG International CO., LTD. will give them more, such as human dignity and life quality by HSSG’s expert and enthusiasm.

HSSG International CO., LTD. always holds the position of the customer and human being to develop any kind of medical/health care measurement equipment, devices, facility, consumables, and Remote Medical/Health care Measuring Solution. HSSG International CO., LTD. also holds the essence of enthusiasm, patience, empathy, integrity to be management principle and attitude. And depend on specialize, object, international supply-chain integration ability to provide more competitive, user-friendly, high-performance, high quality and efficiency products to HSSG’s global customers.